Two-stroke KTMs get performance upgrades for 2015


KTM announces major upgrades to its two-stroke lineup for 2015 as it revealed performance, handling and stability improvements across the off-road race menu.


"Not only do two-stroke bikes offer generally lower maintenance costs, KTM believes that the lower capacity machines are an excellent proving ground for youngsters to cut their teeth and learn a strong basis with their motocross skills," the OEM announced. "KTM is the only major manufacturer that continues to develop its two-stroke range from year-to-year while generating new technologies to further improve the handling and performance of these machines, which are proving to be ever-popular on practice and race tracks worldwide."


125 SXtl_files/contents/news-events/KTM15_125SXrevo.jpg

Powered by a high performance two-stroke engine with power valve and six-speed gearbox, the 125 SX is a favorite among young racers.

For 2015, a new ignition curve improves performance and reduces the potential of detonation. This provides high-performance fun with low running costs, and enhanced agility and handling. The 125 also features a hydraulic clutch and Brembo brakes.





tl_files/contents/news-events/KTM15_150SXrehi.jpg150 SX

With a strong engine and a low overall weight, the 150 SX retains the agility of a 125 but has the power and torque to take the fight to the 250cc four-strokes.

For model year 2015, a new ignition curve improves performance and reduces the potential of detonation. Performance rivals the 250cc four-stroke with low maintenance costs, but it has the agility and handling of a 125, KTM said. A hydraulic clutch and Brembo brakes are standard.






250 SX

With enough power to excel on all tracks and terrain, combined with an extremely lightweight chassis, the 250 SX has one of the best power-to-weight ratios in motocross, KTM said. "The unrivalled performance of the lightweight two-stroke engine makes it a true contender against the more complex four-strokes," it noted.  For 2015, the clutch basket has been reworked for lighter weight.

The 250 has less weight and more agility than more complex four-strokes, and features a DDS hydraulic clutch system and Brembo brakes.